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10 x Ersatz Trackpointkappen

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The caps are new, fit to all IBM / Lenovo keyboards with TrackPoint. There are very easy to swap.

The use of the TrackPoint caps is not limited to products from IBM or Lenovo, with the internal dimension of 4x4mm is the use also at other Pointing Stick used manufacturers, such as Acer "FineTrack", Dell "Track Stick", HP (Compaq ) "Pointing Stick", Synaptics "Touchstyk" or Toshiba "Accu Point" is possible. In order to avoid possible damage to the display, the specified height should not be exceeded.

1. You can screw your old TrackPoint cap with your thumb and forefinger and pull it out.
2. The new TrackPoint can be re-installed with proper finger pressure. Finished!
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